System Optimization

System Optimization

Lummus Digital helps its clients to optimize their target objectives (like profit, yield, production, energy consumption, and product sequencing of a unit/system); while maintaining the utmost controllability of the plant with new set points of optimum variables.

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Real Time Optimizer (RTO)

Solution Capability

To maximize profit, yield, and production; or minimize energy consumption by using the first principle and artificial intelligence optimizer.

Value Proposition

Advance Process Control (APC)/ AI based MPC

Solution Capability

To manage complex variable interactions within a process to reduce process variability. The solution allows the plant to run closer to the operating constraints. This helps the plant achieve the optimum objective by implementing small step changes in set points – MPC (focus) on our own/ APC with a partner.

Value Proposition

Digitalization Success Story

Optimization to Increase Profit of a Hydrocracker Plant at a Major Refiner in Saudi Arabia

Business Objective

To increase profit of a Hydrocracker at a major, Saudi Arabia refiner.

A major, Saudi Arabia refiner contacted Lummus Digital to explore increasing its hydrocracker profits. The business objectives included:

  • Running the plant at optimum profitability
  • Expediting the response to changing market conditions by adjusting the unit to produce the optimal product mix. Thus, the yield of the most valuable product is increased
  • Enhancing value from the plant, i.e., increasing yields, reducing energy / utilities consumption

Key Solution

  • Building a Digital Twin whereby the Hybrid plant model mimics the physical plant behavior with an accuracy of ~98%
  • Implementing supervised machine learning, which utilized 1 year of historical operating processes and labdata
  • Instituting the Kinetics model for various conversion levels in the data improved the performance of the AI model
  • Feeding the AI optimizer with configurable objective functions; required constraints of parameters to perform equipment duties, like increasing diesel yield or increasing unit margin

Business Impacts & Outcomes

  • Increased profit due to increase in diesel yield: Average = $6 mil/yr

  • Saved energy/utilities consumption: Average = $1 Mil/yr

  • Enabled the hydrocracker to respond promptly

  • Derived more value from the plant, i.e., increased yields and reduced energy/utility consumption

  • Improved the life of equipment; it also reduced labor and spare parts OPEX

Real Time Optimizer (RTO)

Maximize the profit, yield, production or minimize energy consumption using first principle and artificial intelligence optimizer.

Value Proposition


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