AI Factory

AI Factory

The AI Factory provides a quality AI engine that utilizes data science and advanced analytics models blended with hyper-contemporary technologies, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, IIoT, and natural language processing (NLP).


Every day businesses are embracing Data Science to add value to every aspect of their operations. That embracement ranges from analyzing streaming data, to transaction of records, storing data, and visualizing them for various purposes. At its core, Lummus Digital uses data science to extract meaning and to derive actionable insights from the available data. Hence, there is the harnessing of the potential of data science as “a combination of information technology, modeling, and business management.”

On the other hand, machine learning, commonly used by data scientists, refers to a group of techniques that allow computers to learn from data.  Lummus Digital uses a blend of curated, best-in-class supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement machine learning algorithms. These help to create a useful model or program by autonomously testing many solutions against the available data and finding the best-fit for the problem.

At Lummus Digital we use a combination of Data Science and AI/Machine Learning to solve extremely labor-intensive problems. This combination can facilitate informed decision making, and it facilitates making predictions about complex topics in an efficient and reliable way.

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