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January 21, 2021

Lummus Digital to use tcgmcube 4.0, the enhanced version of its AI platform to Accelerate Digitalization

HOUSTON, January. 21, 2021 — As Lummus Digital sets its eyes on delivering significant business value to organizations operating in the refining, petrochemical, and gas processing sectors, it has decided to harness the potential of tcgmcube 4.0. A state-of-the-art, Big Data, and AI platform, tcgmcube 4.0 has been designed to drive breakthrough innovation and radical change in fast-evolving business environments and accelerate digital transformation.

Highlighting Version 4.0, Mr. Debdas Sen, CEO of TCG Digital mentioned, “When we started envisaging tcgmcube five years ago we wanted to build a 360-degree platform. With tcgmcube 4.0 we have moved to the next paradigm. The enhanced version has a deeper focus on applied AI/ ML solutions and products, including IIoT integrated Real-time Process Analytics solution aligned with Industry 4.0, AI-based Computer Vision, and various applications of NLP. It will enable our clients to scale the analytics maturity curve and gain a sustainable competitive edge.”

tcgmcube 4.0 captures real-time data feeds from tens of thousands of sensors, DCS, operations logs, CMMS/ EAM, ERP, etc. in a large process plant, to create various operations, maintenance, and supply chain solutions including an operational digital twin. Advanced AI/ML algorithms and models of tcgmcube 4.0 are used to predict outcomes, analyze root causes, recommend actions, optimize performance and improve performance.

With Computer Vision, tcgmcube 4.0 connects to live feeds from video cameras or captured images and applies AI/ML to detect objects, persons, and events. This has applications in several use cases such as people and plant safety, plant corrosion monitoring using image analytics, and equipment reliability and maintenance such as furnace tube impingement. 

Apart from these capabilities, some key differentiators of the platform include out-of-the-box data profiling, an improved data lake, advanced log management, an enhanced data export utility, and lean implementation. This is how tcgmcube 4.0, pre-built with a rich library of AI/ML frameworks, promises rapid value realization to users. 

This accelerated shift towards leveraging tcgmcube 4.0 follows a strategic joint venture in mid-November, 2020 when TCG Digital joined hands with Lummus Technology to form Lummus Digital ( Lummus Digital will work with both the company’s existing and potential customers to implement digital analysis and operative solutions in their refining, petrochemical, and gas processing assets and across the hydrocarbon processing value chain. This partnership will allow TCG Digital and Lummus Technology to build on their strengths and leverage the immense potential of tcgmcube 4.0 collaboratively.

About Lummus Technology

With a heritage spanning more than 110 years and a focus on innovation that has resulted in approximately 130 technologies and 3,400 patents, Lummus Technology is the global leader in developing and implementing process technologies. We are a Master Licensor of petrochemical, refining, gasification, gas processing and renewable technologies, and a supplier of catalysts, proprietary equipment and related services to customers worldwide. To learn more about the new Lummus, visit

About TCG Digital

The flagship digital technology consulting and solutions company of The Chatterjee Group, TCG Digital enables organizations to go digital by leveraging transformative technologies including Big Data and AI, advanced analytics, and operational expertise to accelerate value realization for our clients. To learn more, visit

For further information, please contact-

Nikhil Chauhan
Chief of Strategy & VP | Lummus Digital

Lummus Technology and TCG Digital today announced that the companies have formed a joint venture called Lummus Digital. …  more

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Lummus Technology and TCG Digital today announced that the companies have formed a joint venture called Lummus Digital. …  more


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