Remote Monitoring used for Improving Ethylene Plant Performance for a Major Petrochemical Group in India.

Business Objective
To remotely monitor real-time health performance of Ethylene Plant of a Major Petrochemical Group in India

A large Petrochemical Group in India approached Lummus Digital with the following agenda pertaining to the real-time health performance of their Ethylene Plants. The business objective included:
  • To remotely monitor, track, and improve plant health and asset performance
  • To facilitate an effective, accurate and efficient approach on real-time basis to:
    • Detect issues associated with equipment, operations, and processes
    • Identify and troubleshoot the cause of issues
    • Recommend corrective actions

Key Solution

  • Build a virtual plant as a digital replica of the real plant – the Digital Twin
  • Enable an online remote monitoring application to monitor plant health and performance in real-time using key KPIs, equipment condition and parameters operating range, which helps in faster troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • Utilize state-of-the-art AI platform, tcg mcube, for fast and accurate data driven and rule-based root cause analysis. Further, it empowers the application for intelligent alerting to identify failure signatures.
  • Carry out Unit Performance monitoring and improvement using what-if – Production, Conversion, Yields, Quality, Utility consumption through Intuitive real-time dashboards, having unit specific KPIs designed by Lummus process and technology experts. Detailed monitoring applies to all the systems within the plant – feedstock, cracking, storage, polymerization, bagging, utilities etc.
  • Real-time alerts and instant reporting of bad health of plant/asset parts or those operating at off-limit parameters. Identifies the root cause and recommends corrective actions, thus, enabling the operator to take quick and valuable plant floor level informed- decisions.

Business Impacts & Outcomes

  • Increase in production/ yield: $6.5 Million per year
  • Reduction in energy and utility consumption: $1.5 Million USD per year
  • Reduced cost of safety incidents

Business Impacts & Outcomes:

  • Improved production and yield
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved uptime of plant and assets
  • Maximized operational life of plant assets