Optimization Solution to Increase Profit of a Hydrocracker at a Major Refiner in Saudi Arabia

Business Objective:

To Increase Profit of a Hydrocracker at a Major Refiner in Saudi Arabia

A major refiner in Saudi Arabia approached Lummus Digital with the aim of increasing profit from its hydrocracker. The business objective included:

  • To run the plant at the most optimum profit
  • To respond faster to the changing market conditions by adjusting the unit to produce the optimal product mix i.e. increase the yield of the most valuable product
  • To get more value from the plant, i.e., increasing yields, reducing energy / utilities consumption

Key Solution:

  • Build a Digital Twin and have the Hybrid plant model mimic the physical plant behaviour with accuracy of ~98%
  • Employ Supervised machine learning, which utilizes 1 year of historical operating process and lab data
  • The Kinetics model for various conversion levels is instituted, which may be unknown to AI model in the event if the same conversions don’t exist in the data
  • The AI optimizer is fed with configurable objective functions and required constraints of parameters to perform equipment duties like increasing diesel yield or increasing unit margin

Business Impacts & Outcomes:

  • Increased profit due to increase in diesel yield : Avg. $6 Million per year
  • Savings in energy/utilities consumption: Avg. $1 Million per year
  • Solution enabled the hydrocracker to respond promptly to the dynamic market changes and determine the best optimal product mix.
  • Derived more value from the plant, i.e., increased yields, reduced energy / utilities consumption
  • Improved life of equipment as well as reduced labor and spare parts opex