Ujjal Mukherjee

Ujjal Mukherjee is the Joint Managing Director of Lummus Digital. He also serves as Chief Technology Officer of Lummus Technology. He leads Lummus’ energy transition and digitalization initiatives while continuing his leadership role in oil to chemicals projects.

Prior to these roles, Ujjal served as Vice President Technology for CLG and under his direction, CLG became a world leader in distillates and residue hydrocracking, delayed coking and the production of lube oil base stocks. In a career spanning nearly forty years in the refining and petrochemicals industry Ujjal has conceived of and commercialized many processes that have transformed the conversion of heavy oils including most of the world’s largest operating hydrocrackers, integrated residue and distillate hydrocracking, the LC-MAX process, and multiple processes in biofuels and shale oil upgrading. He is currently leading the crude the chemicals effort including the cutting edge TC2C process. He has 45 issued US patents in refining, petrochemicals biofuels and shale oil upgrading. Ujjal has been with Lummus since 1990 first working in petrochemicals and then as one of the founding members of CLG. Ujjal has worked on projects in over 50 countries and mentored many engineers who have gone on to senior leadership positions themselves. Ujjal’s contributions were recognized and he was named a Fellow of Lummus Technology in 2020.

Ujjal has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, India, a Master of Science in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering from ENSPM, France and an MBA from Rutgers University.